A good number of women are aware of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). Women suffering from this particular condition are known to develop several small cysts within their ovaries. They also tend to develop variety of signs and symptoms that is likely to disturb their normal life. It can include symptoms of irregular menstruation, hormonal imbalance, infertility, etc. The multiple small cysts present may disturb the person’s hormonal cycle, thereby resulting in serious hormonal imbalance. Moreover, with time, this disease is satiated to increase risk of catching heart disease and diabetes. Hence, PCOS should not be taken lightly. The person should immediately check up with a qualified and experienced doctor.

Why avoid allopathic medicine to treat this condition?

According to experts polycystic ovary ayurvedic treatment is considered to be a safe option when compared to allopathic medicine. This is because, western and allopathic medicine still has not come out with a proper and accurate cure to treat this condition, besides the Metformin 500mg pill that is generally prescribed to every woman suffering from this particular condition. This medicine actually gets prescribed for two possible conditions which are for PCOS and the other for Mellitus type 2 diabetes. However, this medication has not been specific to terminate or treat this condition and changes the women completely right from her daily lifestyle to her appearance.

Using ayurvedic medicine

For many, PCOS treatment is best done through Ayruveda medication. The natural remedies for pcos include consuming specific healthy foods, performing regular exercises and controlling weight. Rather, the Ayurveda experts claim of having a better answer to treat this condition, which can be completely cured, something that is still not possible with allopathic medication.

Safe and reliable

The ayurvedic medicines are created from natural herbs that grow organically on Earth and not made from synthetic or artificial ingredients. They are rather complex extracts of natural fruits, herbs and seeds. Numerous herbal supplements are advised to treat PCOS, of which some are as follows:

  • Cystomin DS
  • Polycys
  • Bacopa Medicated Ghee
  • Myo-inositol
  • Femdays
  • Moringa Oleifera
  • Spirulina

Every supplement comprises of blend of single highly powerful or numerous herbal extracts having multifunctional abilities. The natural capsules when taken help to balance the person’s hormonal levels. They also help to normalize and improve the LH/FSH ratio levels as well as to maintain menstrual cycle. Simultaneously, they do participate to maintain other body hormones which get influenced indirectly at some level by female hormones. With the supplements, it becomes possible to avoid heavy bleeding, severe pain experienced during menstruation, irregular menstruation and promote fertility. The supplement also can reduce effectively unwanted hair and acne growth, oily skin caused by increased testosterone levels during PCOS, etc.

Even though several changes may be noticed in the body that may cause concern because of this condition, there can be noticed increase in inflammation and body stress. It is due to broken balance among male and female hormones. Fortunately, the herbal extracts present in the supplements work wonders, which is achieved by increasing female sex hormones and to reduce male sex hormone levels.

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