Wrenches do the same work as ratchets and sockets but there are a few differences that make them different from each other. The wrench is usually preferred over a socket because it can fit anywhere and slip in an area where there is no room for a socket. A wrench uses torque for fastening and loosening of nuts and bolts and is an important tool in the toolbox. Wrenches come in a variety of styles and are used for a variety of applications. There are some best quality wrenches in India, so choosing one is not a task but there are some guidelines for using it that one should remember.

Guidelines for using wrenches

  • Choose the right wrench size- In order to avoid harming yourself or your fastener, it is important to select the right wrench size. The wrench size should be in correspondence to the fastener. Another thing to keep in mind is that the wrench’s jaw should be contacted with the fastener.
  • Always pull and don’t push- While using a wrench, always remember to pull the wrench instead of pushing it. This is necessary to ensure that you don’t get hit with a knuckle, in case the wrench slips. Use the wrench in a way that it doesn’t slip from your hand.
  • Never hit a wrench with a hammer- Don’t take a hammer near a wrench to apply more force, this can damage the wrench.
  • Avoid using a damaged wrench- In case the handle of the wrench is bent or the jaws are wide then it is better not to use that wrench.
  • Always buy quality wrenches- It is better to use good quality wrenches as they last longer. Cheap wrenches can slip easily, so always use good quality wrenches bought from a good place.

Different types of wrenches

  • Open-end wrench- This is a wrench that comes with different size openings; it has a U-shaped opening on every end which helps in providing a grip for different objects. This wrench is flat and can fit over different nuts and bolts in small spaces for loosening and tightening.
  • Combination wrench- The combination wrench has an open end on one side and a box side on the other. It is a multi-purpose tool, with an open-end that is there for tightening and loosening and box-end is for leverage.
  • Allen wrench- These wrenches have L and T shaped handles, although these wrenches are small they are best for holding objects.
  • Socket wrench- A socket wrench has a socket attached to the end of the handle which can fit over nuts and bolts for tightening and loosening them.
  • Adjustable wrench- An adjustable wrench is good if you don’t have the right size of wrench for an object. This wrench can be adjusted according to the size of the bolts and nuts.

Instead of buying a single wrench, it is said that it is better to buy wrench set for which one just needs to consider the measurements that they would most likely work on.


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