The moment you have been part of a total knee replacement surgery, the phase of recovery does go on to assume an important role. It would enable you to stand on your feet and contribute to a quick and fast recovery. If you avail the services of the best knee replacement doctor in India you do recover from the surgery faster and the long term success are on the greater side. The onus would be to commit to a plan and to push each day a wee bit harder once the surgery is over. Let us now understand more about the process of recovery in details

First days of recovery

The process of rehab starts soon as the surgery is over. With a single day of the surgery you might be able to stand up with the aid of an assisted device. You might need to avail the services of a physical therapist as well. It would be really important that you avail the artificial knee as soon as possible. The PT is going to guide you through a set of exercises that will strengthen your muscles and lead to a road of recovery much faster. They are also going to guide you on how to get in and out of bed with the help of this assisted device. They are going to guide you in relation to the home environment and assist you with the setting up of a CPM both at your home and in the hospital. There are some people who leave the hospital with their leg in a CPM machine. This means that the leg happens to be in motion and prevents the occurrence of scar tissue

In the days to come the PT may ask you to walk with the aid of the assisted device. They would ask you to climb up a few stairs at a single go and their suggestion to you would be to use a toilet rather than a bed pan. At the same time you will be asked to use the CPM machine. Once you are going to recover from the surgery the levels of activity is going to increase.


Now the knee is going to gain its strength in due course of time. At the same time you will be able to increase the levels of activity as well. The doctor is going to prescribe a dose of pa medications that is going to lower down the pain levels.

Then the PT may advice you to go for a longer walk outside the premises of the hospital. They are going to advice you on to reduce the use of crutches as well. Once the discharge is over you will be able to undertake the following

  • The knee has to be bend well and this would be to around 90 degree angle
  • You will be able to dress and bathe on your own
  • The assistance on any form of assisted device would be at a minimum level.


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