The question asked to most women would be how they can figure out that they are pregnancy. There are   various types of pregnancy tests at doctors chamber of you could undertake these tests at your home as well. Let us now observe the different types of pregnancy tests

Pregnancy test undertaken at your home

In case of home pregnancy tests they are available in standard or digital stick forms. In case of digital you would need to undertake it 6 days before the missed period and the standard version could be used 4 days before your missed period. At the same time you need to be aware that if the test is undertaken too early the chances of a negative result do increase. When it is a false negative it means that you are pregnant but it would just point to the opposite.

The general suggestion is that the test should be undertaken the first thing in the morning as the urine levels tends to be concentrated then. At the same time this does not mean that the result has to be accurate. If the test appears negative it is suggested that you do try a few days after your missed period. If you do get a faint line the chances are that you are pregnant.

Clinical urine test

In most cases this test is undertaken at the chamber of the doctor. This urine test is not something that happens to be commercially viable in pharmacies, but it too works on the policy of HCG detection. In most of the cases the levels of HCG are found to be accurate. But one of the main differences is that if you avail the services of a professional you can eliminate any course of errors that may arise during the course of the test. At the same time you need to be aware that these tests tend to cost more than the HPT and this would depend upon your payment schedule.

Blood tests

This normally takes place at the chamber of the doctor. In a blood test the levels of HCG are found in the blood. In comparison to urine test, blood test can detect the presence of it earlier. At the same time they are expensive and prove to be costly when you compare it to urine tests.

The first type of blood test happens to be qualitative HCG blood test. With the essence of this test it is found out whether any HCG is found in the body or not. Doctors normally rely on these tests to check the status of pregnancy and this could be even after 10 days of the missed period. In case of some other tests the HCG could be detected much earlier.

Then comes the qualitative HCG beta blood test that proves to be the accurate among the lot. As the exact amount of HCG could be found out, it does go on to become easy to figure out any problems during the course of pregnancy.


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