Rajasthan is a place where you will experience a true essence of royalty. The remains of Royal Indian architecture and palaces that still look beautiful and functional make Rajasthan an obvious subject of tourists’ interest. A visit to this beautiful place can indeed take you back in time. But your stay in Rajasthan can become extremely difficult if you don’t pack for your trip well. Although there are many things that you need to pack when you travel to a different location, certain things need to be attached a lot of importance to, simply because of their higher relevance to the place to be visited. Here are some items that you need to pack when you are travelling to Rajasthan. Have a look-

  • A peculiar characteristic of Rajasthan is that its climate can be quite confusing. While the nights and evenings can be breezy or chilly, the days can be really hot. And that is why you need to be extremely careful while packing your clothes for this destination. If you want comfort throughout the day, then you will have to pack layered clothing. Now, what do we mean by layered clothing? Well, we mean that your clothes should be in layers so that you can put on or remove something as per the demand of the weather. Remember, no matter how much time you have spent choosing one of the best Rajasthan tour packages, if you do not carry proper clothes for a trip to this state, you will not be able to enjoy it thoroughly.
  • A shawl is something you will probably not consider packing if you are planning to visit Rajasthan during the summer season. But if you are a woman, then a shawl will save your day in many different ways. When it is extremely hot outside, you can probably cover your head and arms with the shawl so that you do not feel the direct heat of the sun. Having the sun touch you directly could probably make your skin tanned. And if you are not too fond of tanned skin, then you will probably love to carry a shawl with you in your bag. And no, it won’t have to be a proper woollen shawl; any kind of clothing item that resembles a shawl and is thick enough to protect you from the sun will serve your purpose.
  • Don’t forget to pack a good sunscreen. Although you can buy a sunscreen at any cosmetic shop in Rajasthan, you might not find your favourite brand. So, make sure you bring a large pack of sunscreen with you. After all, Rajasthan’s heat is going to burn your skin badly.
  • Have you put your favourite sunglasses inside your bag? If not, then put it now. You will need your shades throughout the day. The monuments in Rajasthan will reflect the light which might bother your eyes. So, make it a point to move out of your hotel room with your sunglasses on.

Whether you take the Delhi to Agra Jaipur tour package or any other travel package for a trip to Rajasthan, you are going to need the above-mentioned items in your bag. So, don’t make the mistake of forgetting any of the items mentioned if you want a memorable travel experience..


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