It is very important that employees have the credentials and skills to work in your business. However, their lifestyle choices can directly affect your business, even if they are technically the most qualified, on paper.

Not Keeping Up Appearances

Appearance is a very big part of a person’s lifestyle. It is can heavily affect your business because it can affect how clients and the world see you. If your employees make the lifestyle decision of having an image that does not mesh well with that of your business, then there is a problem. Clients and patrons of your business may feel repulsed or not take your business seriously.

Political Views

In this day and age, normal, faceless, non-famous people who are politically active are being outed for their beliefs and their political action. This can be seen in how Right-wing attendees of pro-white protests have been outed, with their names and life stories plastered all over the internet in the past several years when their politics and rhetoric were considered extremely incorrect. This has resulted in the attendees of pro-White rallies losing their jobs and having to close their businesses. If you have a person who partakes in a lifestyle where he or she is politically active and has a public presence when it comes to hot issues, you might want to think about how the presence of this person will affect your business.

Drug and Alcohol Issues

When your employees partake in lifestyles that involve drug and alcohol use, your business can see large impacts. Drugs are generally taboo, and children are taught that “drugs are bad.” There are a lot of pro-drug arguments, and some people claim that drugs encourage people to think differently, be more focused and be more creative. This type of mindset can be seen in the fact that many people who work in Silicon Valley “micro-dose” on psychedelics such as LSD in order to enhance their thinking. There are also a lot of people who take legally prescribed drugs that speed them up and make them focus, such as Adderall. However, despite the fact that there are a lot of pro-drug and pro-alcohol arguments, drugs and alcohol alter people’s behavior, perceptions, creativity and level of focus, which can be disastrous.

Drugs and alcohol can make people act and think in very strange, unpleasant, sometimes destructive ways. This can wreak havoc on the work place by resulting in drama and negative behavior. Drugs and alcohol can make people more “out of it” and less sensitive to details that they should be paying attention to. This is not good when you have drug abusers working for your business who are supposed to be doing their jobs correctly. Even the legally prescribed stuff—that people sometimes abuse—like Adderall affects people’s behavior.

If a person has a serious addiction, the circumstances and negative consequences may become more complicated. Such people who reside in Jacksonville need to look into Jacksonville rehab options. Addictions are the cause of much desperation, and tensions arise from them.


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