Hemp oil is widely used to help relieve some of the symptoms that a cancer patient will face. That include relieving pain and nausea. But is it possible that hemp oil could be a cure for Cancer? Well according to hemp oil distributor Rick Simpson, his formulated version of Hemp oil cures cancer. There have also been reputable studies that have proven Simpson’ claim to be true, so why does no one know about this and why hasn’t medical science widely accepted this theory as fact?

Perhaps one of the main reason has to do with the type of hemp oil concentrates that are being used. Most of the hemp or CBD oil commonly sold on the market goes through a process in which the chemical known as THC is removed from it. the reason for this is because the legalize medical Marijuana that has been cleared for use in some areas of the United States must have this chemical removed. That is because it is THC that causes that feeling of being high and is only included in Marijuana used for recreational purposes which isn’t widely legalized in the United States or some other areas of America and other countries.

Also, despite the fact that there are studies that have proven Rick Simpson’s theory that this concentrated version of hemp oil taken ingested in high dosages will cure cancer and other ailments some see this theory as a hoax, even though Rick Simpson himself who stumbled upon this method while looking for relief for his own health problems. There are even those who have done their level best to try to block this claim, and the proof to verify it. This hasn’t stopped Rick Simpson from continuing to supply his customer base with his version of hemp oil and even says there have been further success stories that this cure does indeed work.

So, why is it being kept from the public that hemp oil cures cancer, especially if there is a chance it could save lives? Perhaps it has to do with the fact that some including the medical community have a hard time accepting that a natural remedy could actually cure something as serious as Cancer. After all, it took a long time for the hemp oil that is commonly sold on the market to be widely accepted as just being used as preventive medicine. Who knows what the future will hold maybe one day it will be made more known to the public that certain forms of hemp oil can cure cancer.


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