Most of us would have heard about assisted birth. The thought which might have come across your mind is what it was in the first place. With assisted birth it does point to the fact that your baby needs some help to be born. It would be right towards the end, nearing the pushing stage of labor. If you carefully observe there are a couple of methods of assisted delivery that works out to be vacuum and forceps. Here we are going you have a discussion about vacuum delivery baby in the first place. It happens to be in the form of a suction cup. It works out to be a soft suction cup that would be attached to the head of your little one. With the handle of the cup, the provider makes the baby move down the birth canal.

Now a vacuum extractor delivery baby may be the need of the hour for various reasons. The main reason does arise due to the fact that the baby has approached the delivery time. In addition there are in a phase of distress. With the device the process of delivery could be speed up considerably. In case of a normal delivery it would take an hour for the baby to be pushed out of the birth canal. In case if the baby needs to be delivered in the shortest time frame possible, then this method would be an option to explore. The main reason why this form of delivery happens to be unavoidable if

  • If you have been pushing for several hours once the dilation has been complete
  • You have gone on to become exhausted while pushing
  • The baby happens to be showing signs of distress. In fact they need to be pushed much faster than what the mother can afford
  • For medical reasons the pushing might become a risky affair
  • There are time restrictions on pushing and this is based on the policy of the hospital.

If this form of birth is called for, your baby has to be pretty low enough. In the midst of this the baby is close to be born at the same time as well. If the head of the baby happens to be on the higher side then a C section would be a better option.

If the health care provider has gone on to assessed and found out that the baby is low enough, and then you are going to be given anaesthesia for pain relief. It could be inserted on to your vagina or you may be given epidural. At this point of time you would need to lie on the back. It would call for you to assess the position of the baby and then you can place the vacuum cup. Then this cup would be placed on to the head of your baby. The moment you are having contraction, the doctor will suggest you to push. The moment you are doing so the doctor would push the head of your baby.


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