The chances are on the higher side that you will be short of breath during the period of pregnancy. Medicine for respiratory disease in pregnancy is common. You need to understand that the body needs oxygen in order to adapt in various ways. If the levels of hormones rise it could have an impact on your lungs and then go on to stimulate the respiratory centre in your brain. Though the amount of breaths that you take during the course of pregnancy does change very little, but one thing is for sure the amount of air that you inhale and exhale have a definite change.

If you are short of breathe during the course of pregnancy it would point to a situation where you need to be breathe all the more. In the latter stages of pregnancy breathing does pose a problem because the uterus is going to put a lot of pressure on the abdomen as well. If the baby is at a higher height, if the amount of amniotic acid is on the higher side and if there are multiples the situation does worsen considerably. If you have any existing condition like asthma the problem would compound all the more as well.  In fact some amount of breathing relief is on the expected lines before you are due. This does happen if it happens to be your first pregnancy, and the baby is going to drop into the pelvis as pregnancy approaches. This entire process goes by the name of lightening. In the midst of all this pregnancy respiratory disorders are common and there is nothing to lose sleep over it as well. It is not that shortness of breath is a recurring problem. You can take a lot of steps in this regard to overcome it.

  • Do take things on the slower side and do not push too much. Try as far as possible to be active
  • You would need to sit up straight with the shoulders always pointing back. This is all the more so when sitting. All this is possible to give the lungs as much room as possible in order to expand as well.
  • Do position yourself with a few extra pillows when you are in bed at night
  • As far as possible try to be patient. There is no great feeling to be short of breath during the course of pregnancy. Once your pregnancy is over the breath will return back to the normal self.

Now coming to another side of the story does shortness of breath lead to any form of serious problems during the tenure of pregnancy. This could be the case if you are already suffering from any respiratory issue like flu or asthma. Say in a majority of women the symptoms of asthma worse during the tenure of pregnancy. In fact not only to the mother but to the developing baby it is harmful at the same time. discuss with your doctor if you are facing shortness of breath.


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