Credit Card Compare, an Australian website specializing in credit card comparison, founded and owned by Andrew Boyd and David Boyd has acquired Finty, a Singaporean website specializing in financial comparison, for a whopping seven figure value. The Ballymena brothers founded Credit Card Compare in 2008 and it has since become the largest credit card comparison website down under. The company has been growing by leaps and bounds in recent years. The acquisition of Finty is in line with the vision of the founders and owners to venture beyond Australia. The rewards based marketplace of Finty and its recent growth complement the ambitions of the duo and Singapore is also an ideal pit stop for further expansion across the region.

The brothers hail from Ballymena in Northern Ireland. Andrew Boyd presently spends time in Australia and Northern Ireland but would now be investing his time and acumen in Singapore to drive further growth of both Finty and Credit Card Compare. The Australian company is eyeing a substantial foothold in the growing market across Asia. There is a vast demand of online financial services, especially pertaining to comparisons as that simplifies various quests of ordinary people who do not always have the necessary expertise to make informed decisions. Credit cards and other financial services may still become complicated for the otherwise tech savvy millennial generation and others regardless of age.

The economic growths of most countries across the Association of Southeast Asian Nations have been much sturdier and more encouraging than that of Australia is recent years. It is not only about the rise in gross domestic product numbers outpacing that of Australia but also recognizing the potential of growth in the near future. Many Asian economies have massive marketplaces, something Australia lacks, primarily owing to population and also due to lack of proximity to major markets in this part of the world.

The Boyd brothers consider the acquisition as a natural move to set the foundation for a fillip across Southeast Asia and it is also to cement its place as a market leader in a rapidly and dynamically changing digital economy of Singapore. The company would be making its services available to Singaporeans, thereby simplifying their quest for information and everyone in the country would be able to make financial decisions in a more satiating manner. Despite the planned expansion, the brothers do not intend to venture in the United Kingdom or their homeland Northern Ireland at the moment. However, they are open to the idea of similar acquisitions in the United Kingdom and other markets that have a thriving digital economy.

Both Andrew and David have an ultimate goal of taking their enterprise beyond the region and making their presence felt on the global stage but they are in no haste. They did not think of becoming a phenomenon in ten years and they do not have immediate plans to be aggressive with any global expansion. They may solidify their place down under and now in Singapore before venturing beyond Southeast Asia.

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