E cigarettes during pregnancy seem to be a safe route for smokers. They feel that it provides them with a viable alternative to cut or reduce smoking. You need to be aware that this still goes on to put nicotine into the body and is not a safe choice for a breastfeeding or pregnant woman.

Electronic cigarette as the name suggests works out to be an electronic enabled service. Some of them resemble like regular cigarettes and others look futuristic. In case of electronic cigarettes there is a flavour with a host of chemicals. This heats up in the electronic cigarette and when you smoke it is inhaled as vapour. For this the term Vaping

When you smoke a regular cigarette the tobacco reaches out to the lungs when you burn tobacco. This is in the form of a smoke when you inhale. The vapour that emerges from an electronic cigarette does have serious implications. It may contain traces of chemicals like nickel or chromium that we are going to discuss in a second.

The tragic aspect would be that the liquids which you use in an electronic cigarette are not subject to any regulations.


As per a recent study conducted it was found that women had lot of misconceptions about Vaping when pregnant. Of the women surveyed in Los Angeles 43 % were of the opinion that electronic cigarettes along with Vaping were touted to be a safe choice. 61 % of the masses felt that it could be termed as a form of addiction whereas nearly 57 % felt that it did contain nicotine. Among the study conducted only 13 % of women went on to use electronic cigarettes. The main reason why they did use was that they learnt the art from their mothers. Another section of women felt that it was a relatively safer option as well.

You will be aware that nicotine from an electronic cigarette does pass on to the mother as well as the baby. Till now no safe level of nicotine exposure has been found out in case of women. When prolonged exposure to nicotine takes place it alters the function of babies and paves way for birth disorders. If you use tobacco products during the course of pregnancy it can lead to premature delivery, serious forms of birth defects. Nicotine is it from regular or electronic cigarettes does show up in the breast milk as well.

In the world that we live no women should go on to smoke. Sadly all of us are not part of such a world and women who smoke do go on to become pregnant. The moment you do become pregnant you should quit down smoking on an immediate basis. If you are still into smoking you should discuss with your doctor on the ways on how to quit smoking. It does make sense to discuss with your health care provider if you are switching to e cigarettes in order to cut down on smoking.


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