The PAT or portable appliance testing is necessary for the household and business customers in London. This is an electrical safety measure for the domestic customers and a certificate of compliance (COC) for the commercial customers. You can hire a cheap PAT testing in London. Yet you must see they are a registered service provider and having the below mentioned accreditation. If you do not carry PAT in your home or office, the local body can penalize you. The insurance company will not give you any claim too. It is advisable to hire a trusted PAT testing company in London and get certification from them.

Electrical License by PAT Service Provider in London

A PAT testing company in London must have accreditation from any of the below mentioned approved organizations.

  • CHAS (Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme)
  • National Association of Professional Inspectors and Testers (NAPIT)
  • National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting (NICEIC)

The PAT testing company must be a registered one in London. They can serve PAT only or an electrical company too in London.

PAT Testing Serviceable Areas in London

  • Electrical Testing in West London
  • Electrical Testing in North London
  • Electrical Testing in East London
  • Electrical Testing in South London
  • Electrical Testing in Central London

Freelance PAT testers in London

There are many free PAT testing courses for unemployed in London. You can also find a 1-day PAT testing course London. Few qualified people do under go accredited online PAT testing course. You will waste your money by hiring these people. This is because; their PAT certificate is not valid to claim insurance. There is no guarantee for your family members too with the appliance they use daily.

PAT Testing Companies London

London PAT testing companies are privately owned and run as family business. They are once again with specialization. This may be to serve specific industries only. They appoint people from the industry only. They are qualified and have valid certification in PAT testing. They are professional PAT testers and do their job abiding by the rules of PAT testing in London.

Private PAT Testing Company

There are many private companies in London for PAT testing. They do it in the professional manner by getting proper accreditation and registration. They appoint qualified and experienced PAT testers. They are verified staffs. They are specialized for domestic and commercial clients.

Electrical Companies in PAT Testing

There are many electrical companies, who get certification for PAT testing in London. They are also the best as they are from the industry. They are capable to do same day work for large quantities of PAT testing.

You must follow the rule of the land. A timely PAT testing will save your employees and family members from the dangers of electrical related hazards. You can compare the PAT testing prices in London and hire the affordable PAT testers in your area. They do same day service and come on time on the same day of PAT testing in your home or office.


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