The industrial property boom over the internet was dominated when sales were made online, when promotions were done through digital marketing, and hence replacing the old school theory of advertising, and providing customers with a window where they can shop, and make a purchase with just a click of their hand. E-commerce has dominated the headings of the news for it bounteous growth, over the years.

Whether listening the success story of Amazon, or Alibaba, or Indian giants like Flipkart, Snapdeal etc. E-commerce flourished at a great pace, and a large number of users make their purchase over the web. Therefore, fierce competition exists between the e-commerce websites from bottom to top. Of all those listed features necessary for an effective e-commerce website, the design of the website plays a major role in capturing the market. It mainly enhances the user experience, and makes them fall in love with that particular e-commerce app or website.

Development of e-commerce websites is either fully customized or through any standard CMS available in the market. WordPress Development is widely used and is also regarded as the standard development for e-commerce websites. The WordPress developers are also one of the highest paid in the freelance market. The design and development should be made such that it should increase the trust of the customer, and improve the conversion rate optimization while allowing more conversions at each stage of the funnel.

As the traffic flows to the website, it is the design which attracts them first, the design should be able to convince the user to make a purchase or navigate to other windows to see what actually the website or app is offering. E-commerce developer must take great care while developing the design, and few design improvements may lead to the improvement of sales and convert more customers at each stage of the funnel.

9 tips for e-commerce websites which will improve sales and conversion

Just setting up an e-commerce website is not enough. You need sales after you have a website? If it is so, aesthetics plays an important part in improving CROs, and optimizes the sales at each funnel. The design not only attracts the customers but also provides a great UX. These tips help during e-commerce development, while developing an e-commerce website.

1. Call-to-Actions must be Effective

In e-commerce conversions often less is more, the effective CTC means a good graphic, with the paragraphs as required for a web page, proper functions provided, and it should be short, simple, and easy to understand. This is required, over the web.

Too many information often confuses the customer, and they may get repelled, rather than making a purchase. This generally improves the CRO.

2. Improving Page Loading Speed

The inline CSS embedded in the HTML codes generally decreases the page loading speed.

Therefore CSS delivery must be optimized. If you are featuring a video for a product, you must know that it a large file, and it is advisable to host it somewhere else rather than hosting on your website. The best option is to host it on YouTube, and embedded the code to get it played on your website. Beyond a server, a CDN helps to store your site.

The image sizes should also be optimized. Generally, a lot of traffic that comes over your website does not get converted because of this problem. Half of the conversions that is lost is because of the slow page loading speed of a website or a mobile application of the website.

3. Usability improves the user experience

The design must reflect your purpose, and there should be no problem in the function of your website. This leads the user to understand what your site is actually selling. Normally any e-commerce site, when we see, we imagine it is nothing but something like Flipkart or Snapdeal. But, there could be sites which just sells books, or just shoes. The user must understand it is a shoe selling e-commerce website.

It should be such designed that it is easy to use, and enjoyable by the user which in return improves its user experience.

4. Make the site optimized for SEO

Much of the conversions are mostly through organic traffic. Ranking at the top in any search engine generally makes a user think, “the site is genuine”. This increases nothing but trust.

The site should be such designed that it must be optimized for the web, and should be mobile friendly. The on-site SEO should help the off-site SEO, and generally many times due to optimization of the JavaScript, the site’s SEO improves. Therefore while designing the website, the developers must optimize the source code for a better SEO.

5. Integrate Instagram and other social media platforms

Generally, we often forget, that a website is not enough! If you want to increase your sales over the web, you have to actually drive traffic to it, be it paid traffic, traffic through social media platforms, or organic traffic.

This is to be noted that through Instagram Marketing, the average order is $65, and this is more than any other social media platform except for the social media platform Polyvore, which is $66.75. Integrating Instagram will definitely help in increasing the sales.

6. Offering fewer choices and converting more!

As an old saying says – “When choices are too great, users buy nothing at all”. A research as conducted, once researchers offered 24 chocolates to their customers, and it was seen they got 60% of the customers ate it, for their feedback, but only 3% of them made a purchase. While next, they offered only 6 chocolates and 40% of the customers ate it, but 30% of them made a purchase. In the previous when only 4 people only bought, and in the latter 31 people bought.

Actually, when too many choices are given to the users, they come into a state called “choice overload” or “analysis paralysis”. Therefore, when designing a website, often less choice should be given for the products that are displayed, because they may possess the potential to convert more and increase sales.

7. Alignment of the Product

Until and unless I see it, I am not gonna buy it”. This phrase holds true since the dawn of the civilization when the barter system existed.

It is very important that you are placing your product horizontally or vertically for display. In a recent study, it was found out by researchers that while viewing the products horizontally, lead to a more perceived variety than viewing it vertically.

8. Right Balance with Text and Visuals

You get inclined to buy a product when it displayed visually. Verbally products advertisement will often lead you nowhere. The product display must always be through visuals, and verbal description can be added to the description of the product, which might help in SEO.

9. Increase Sales through proper advertisement

It has been found whenever there is sales discount going on, the number of sales increases. The design of the website should reflect whenever there is a sale, and if a product is available on discount, it should be visible and well noted to the user. This generally improves sales conversion and brings more revenue.


All these researchers and studies by the researchers suggest that a great design has always won the market. You must always showcase and advertise your products the way it is being demanded by the market. This means not putting too many information, integrating social media, optimizing the site for web and for SEO, not having too many choices available, balance amount of text and image, and proper alignment of the product. This right mix of options on any e-commerce website by WordPress developers or any developers generally leads to the improvement in sales and enhances conversion at each funnel.

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Linda Wester is a WordPress developer by profession and she works for a leading PSD To WordPress Conversion Company – HireWPGeeks Ltd. She uses to write useful tutorials on CMS and socialize it different social media platforms.


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